Staff Promotions 2019

Studio Pacific takes great pride in recognising and rewarding the success and professional development of our hardworking team.

We are delighted to announce a number of recent promotions throughout our Practice:

- Senior Principal: James Wallace

- Principal: Lianne Cox, Stuart Dun, Paula MacDonald

- Senior Associate – Juliet Barker, Frances Moughan, Grant Perry

- Associate - Andrew Banks, Jonathan Fraser, Julie Stewart, Patrick Thompson, Lauren Wong

- Senior Architect – Henry Fisher

- Senior Interior Designer – Melissa Robson

We congratulate and thank James, Lianne, Stu, Paula, Juliet, Frances, Grant, Andrew, Jon, Julie, Patrick, Lauren, Henry and Melissa for their contributions to a number of successful projects, the outstanding work they have accomplished and their well-deserved promotions.

We also congratulate members of our team who have been promoted to the next Architectural, Design Technician and Landscape Architecture Graduate levels within the Studio

- Senior Architectural Graduates - Jason Kowalak, Jeremy Robinson and Peggy Russell

- Senior Design Technician – Simon Faulknor

- Landscape Architect (NZILA Registered) – Matthew Bangs 

- Senior Landscape Architecture Graduate – Daniel Roberts

- Senior Architectural Graduate – Nick du Bern

- Intermediate Landscape Architecture Graduate – Christie Allen

- Intermediate Architectural Graduate – Nick Denton

- Architectural Graduate – Max Wiles

- Landscape Architecture Graduate – Yota Kojima