Shaping our collective Pacific future

Evžen Novák, one of Studio Pacific's founders recently wrote a piece for ArchitectureNZ reflecting on how Studio Pacific has evolved over the last three decades.⁠

He shares his personal view about our practice's history and how we got from 1992 to here, in the practical sense of running an office, and what has imbued our design work with its character in that time.⁠


'Trying to describe 30 years of Studio Pacific Architecture with, say, two sentences per year is rather like describing a large cloth by talking about a couple of its strands. It is with some of the same naïveté, hope and ambition with which we started off the practice that this partial view of Studio Pacific’s history is put together. There have been amazing times and fortunate opportunities; without glossing over a few struggles in between, I (and we) can see now that we have achieved more than we ever dared hope we would at the beginning of the practice.'


Read the article here