Studio Pacific Gender Pay Statistics

At Studio Pacific we believe Diversity, Inclusion, and Collaboration are essential to the way we work. They can bring richer innovative thinking and problem-solving to our projects and our communities.

As an equal opportunity employer, we provide equal opportunities for all. We are committed to increasing representation and diversity across all parts of our business, as well as achieving and maintaining overall pay equity for all employees in similarly-sized roles, with similar skills, experience and accountabilities. We measure our progress and continue to make meaningful steps toward a more inclusive, equal and representative company. 

As part of this commitment, Studio Pacific publishes Gender Pay Gap (GPG) information publicly through the MindTheGap initiative. The GPG is a high level indicator of the difference between the earnings of men, women and other genders. 

Studio Pacific's GPG is calculated at a total company level, comparing the median hourly rate for women to the median hourly rate for men – irrespective of role. By this measure in August 2022, Studio Pacific’s GPG is 24.9%. (Our 2022 Staff Survey data indicates we currently have no staff members identifying as genders other than male and female). 

Studio Pacific’s GPG primarily reflects the current structure of our workforce, where male employees comprise the largest proportion of our Senior Leadership Team and we typically experience low attrition. Achieving a more balanced gender representation throughout our business will take time and ongoing attention. Our two most senior women are our Board Chair (Helen Anderson) and an Independent Board Member (Linda Meade). They play significant roles in ensuring the success of our Practice however as they are not Employees they are not included in our GPG calculations. 

When we break our GPG down into our 14 Job Levels, half the GPG levels favour women and half the GPG levels favour men. 

Gender Pay Equity (GPE) represents equal pay for equal work – that is, people undertaking the same work are paid the same, regardless of gender (but taking into account performance and contribution differences). In August 2022, Studio Pacific's GPE is -0.8%.