Park House

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NZIA Southern Architecture Awards, 2024 - Housing

Set in the picturesque town of Wānaka, this family home embodies simplicity and warmth, drawing inspiration from the rugged charm of mountain huts while maintaining a refined aesthetic.

Designed to accommodate multiple families during holidays, the home offers comfortable, sunlit spaces that promote relaxation and tranquillity, ensuring a memorable stay for residents and guests alike.

The exterior features horizontal timber cladding juxtaposed with corrugated sheet steel, skilfully articulated to add depth and texture. Inside, exposed timber linings and neutral finishes create a backdrop that celebrates the play of light throughout the day.

The house is divided into pavilions, allowing for both communal gatherings and intimate moments. These pavilions, connected by a gallery, are arranged across the site to create sheltered outdoor areas and a harmonious blend of shaded and sunny spaces that can be used as the seasons change. The built forms also help to shelter the garden from prevailing winds.

Carefully aligned glazing offers glimpses of the surrounding landscape whilst framing specific moments of beauty and capturing the changing light. The landscaping is intentionally restrained and sufficiently spacious for the planting to grow around the architecture.

From the street, the home presents a captivating facade that references the local context while showcasing its own distinctive form. With its thoughtful design and integration with the natural environment, this mountain-inspired retreat offers a unique and memorable living experience.

NZIA Southern Architecture Awards, 2024 - Housing